About us

Originally set up as a small family business, the company was founded in 2005 and has grown to become one of the UK’s leading on-line trade ladder supplier whilst maintaining our inherent, family-owned, small company values. Our mission is to offer superb quality, own-branded products at outstanding value for money.

Still owned and managed the original family members, we have in recent years adopted an exclusive, streamlined, own-brand product strategy which has enabled the company to flourish despite recent testing times in the UK’s commercial and retail sectors.

Currently trading via mail order, regular repeat business and an informative website, the company continues to grow and improve thanks to a dedicated, loyal and happy team of staff.


A significant benefit to buying direct from the manufacturer is that there will almost always be a better purchase price on offer.

Cutting out the “middle man”, such as wholesalers and retailers who buy at a low price but add their own mark-ups, is a good way to avoid those extra expenses.

The retail price when buying from a manufacturer will therefore be considerably less, meaning a large discount for the consumer, it becomes an irresistible deal for many.

Our philosophy is simple, we keep the costs down by selling direct to you, no more margins to be added by third parties!

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