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  • A simple yet effective tool made from drop forged, heat treated steel and often useful when working on vehicle steering systems. A few sharp hammer blows and the joint separates.Distance between forks 24mm Length inside forks 30mm

  • Convenient double ended tool for use on left or right handed rear calliper pistons. 

  • Convenient brake caliper piston rewind tool with reaction plate and double sided adaptor. For use on most European and Japanese cars with right handed threadRH drive rewind tool Adaptor 1 = 22mm PCD, 6mm dia pin Adaptor 2 = 32.5mm PCD, 6mm dia pin Reaction plate and double sided adaptor for use on left or right handed rear calliper pistons Adaptor...

  • A few sharp hammer blows and it's off! 3 different sized forks make easy work of separating tie rods and ball joints. This 5 piece set includes an alternative shank for use with an air hammer.

  • An invaluable accessory for the car boot. Extending to 520mm, this powerful wrench provides that extra torque to overcome really tight wheel nuts. You never know when you'll need one!Made from tough chrome vanadium steel Suits all 4 main wheel nut sizes: 17, 19, 21 & 23mm Compact storage length of only 355mm

  • Listening hard but still can't make out where that noise is coming from? Pinpoint the location with this sensitive stethoscope. Every engine doctor should have one.

  • With 6 double ended keys offering 12 different size options this kit should make easy work of removing virtually any oil drain plug likely to be found on the underside of a vehicle sump, gearbox or differential.HEX key drive sizes AF 5/16", 3/8" & 1/2", Metric 8, 10, 12, 14 & 17mm Square key drive sizes AF 3/8", Metric 8, 11 & 13mm All can...

  • Solid forged steel body with a satin chrome finish and enlarged striking head. 20mm fork span suitable for ball joint separation on most cars and small commercial vehicles.

  • Essential for the safe refurbishment of vehicle suspension units. Enables operators to have full control over compression and decompression of the coiled spring.Maximum jaw opening 245 mm. Positive all round holding clips top and bottom for added safety. Strong carbon steel bolts with hardened lead screws. Reversible to enable right or left hand...

  • Another way of removing & refiitting oil filters especially when they're difficult to reach. A tough & wide nylon strap grips tightly as the tensioning bar is turned by ratchet, spanner or socket.Extra wide nylon strap for safety Driven by a 3/8", ½" or 21mm spanner or socket Ideal for accessing tight engine bays

  • Mechanical and bodywork problems can be solved with this slide hammer kit for the garage workshop. Performs 2 or 3 jaw internal and external pulling and is effective on hubs, lips and dents.3.1Kg slide hammer on a 570mm long part threaded shaft 2 or 3 jaw internal and external pulling Hub pulling yoke, thrust screw, 2 pulling jaws plus 3 bolts...

  • A power drill will drive this three legged tool via its integral flexible shaft to remove heat glaze & carbon deposits from cylinder bores up to 180mm diameter. The tension of the medium grade cutting stones can be adjusted to obtain the desired finish.Adjustable collar gives two ranges 50-100mm diameter & 100-180mm

Showing 1 - 12 of 47 items